At a crossraods between worlds, the territory of the Mont-Ventoux regional natural park

Overlooking the Alps and Provence, the Mont Ventoux majestically watches over an uncommon landscape. In this sun-dreched land filled with valleys and hills, plains and plateaus, plays a symphony of shadows and light, scents and colours, changing with seasons. At four feet is a vast territory brimming with history, legends and beauty. The former Comtat Venaissin is full of grapevines and orchards, and its slopes are dotted with picturesque villages. The blue horizon blankets the lavender fields of the Plateau de Sault, stretching as far as the eye can see. The deep ravines of the Nesque and the wild gorges of the Toulourenc reach their cliffs as far as the terraces of the Vaucluse mountains and the seven hills of Vaison-la-Romaine. Let yourself be seduced by this region with its many natural and cultural treasures. Roam through the roads, paths and trails of this real-life Wonderland, exploring ancient castles, isolated chapels and hidden fountains. Treat yourself to a gourmet break in the sunshine and sample products grown or preparated by the region’s inhabitants, masters of art de vivre.
Discover for yourself th rich blend of the real and the imaginary that forms an integral part of our terroirs.

The Mont Ventoux, a different world

The rocky ridges that from the summit of Mont Ventoux unfurl as if to form a bridge between the ground and the sky. For centuries, this isolated mountain has inspired poets’ wonder, pilgrims’ contemplation, botanists’ curiosity, and athletes’ sens of adventure, giving visitors of all kinds a glimpse of a different wolrd.
Let yourself be astonished by this lunar landscape, worn down to the stone by lazinf sunshine, powerful frost, and violent winds. Contemplate the board panorama spanning from the Alps to the Mediterranean. In the early summer, discover the exceptional plant life hiding amidst the gravel. Experience the joy of a cyclist crossing the finish line. From dawn to dusk; observe, listen, dream, and allow yourself to be won over by this magical setting.