A dominant strategic position, a scientific space, the summit of the Ventoux is a high-tech centre that enables remote observation and communications. Several structures built on its ridge accentuate its unique silhouette.
THE RADOME, built in 1995 following the Mont Sainte-Odile disaster, houses a radar that contributes to civil air traffic safety.

THE CONCRETE TOWER, the symbol of the Ventoux, has towered 42 metres over the summit since 1970. Inside it is equipment that ensures the safety of the air space as well as a television, mobile phone and radio transmitter.

THE ROTONDE is the old meteorological platform that used to house the measuring tools. A tunnel from the old observatory used to provide a sheltered access to it protected from the raging elements.

THE WOODEN TOWER, built in 1954, is a “long-distance telecommunications repeater”

THE TEMPÊTES PLATFORM was crowned with a dome which formed part of the French nuclear deterrence system.