“At the foot of the mountain, it is cheerful, it is luxurious in its vegetation, this huge plain that the eye cannot fully embrace. So many varieties, so many colours in these thousands of fields, a new Eden where olive trees thrive, where the generous vines are laden with fruit! How much life there is in these countless villages the names of which are too demanding for the memory and which, from its summit, resemble charming miniatures appearing here and there among the fertile vineyards! And in the distance, do you see how it rises indecisively, drowned in bluish vapours, this Babylon of the West proudly bearing on its forehead […], the ancient and colossal residence of its pontiffs!”
Jean-Henri FABRE, L’Indicateur d’Avignon, 1842

“Night on the summit of the Vaucluse, the Milky Way descends into the nests of lights of the valley, all is confused. There are villages in the sky and constellations in the mountain.” 
Albert CAMUS, Extrait des Carnets, 1942-1951